Dr Paul Fong

Paul Fong graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in California and also received a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Jinan University in Guangzhou. He has been in private practice serving and advising Hong Kong families ever since.

Paul is firmly inspired by the philosophy of chiropractic and traditional Chinese medicine healing, which is to consider every aspect of a person’s health and healing, and to aim wherever possible to prevent, rather than cure diseases. This strong adherence to the principles of holistic healing underpins his work at Vital Health, making him a keen champion of the partnership between doctor and patient.

A frequent guest speaker on the subject of health and wellness, Paul has regularly been featured in the Hong Kong media, and was invited to speak at seminars held by organisations such as the Legislative Council, Queen Mary Hospital, Association of Hong Kong Nursing Staff and Hong Kong Traditional Chinese Medicine Orthopaedic and Trauma Association. He was a guest lecturer at the Prince of Wales Hospital and at the Nethersole School of Nursing at the Chinese University.

He has also hosted numerous health talks at organisations such as UBS bank, MTR Corporation Ltd, Airport Authority Hong Kong, Pepsi Company, Shell Oil Company, Hong Kong Chinese Civil Servants Association, Chinese Recreation Club, Tung Fook Church, La Salle Primary School, The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association, Carmel Secondary School, extending his outreach to younger people in the local community.

When not helping his patients, Paul loves to travel and to experience global culture. He is also a keen sportsman who boasts soccer, running, dragon boat racing, snowboarding and is currently leading a fitness group for intensive fitness training.


Founding member of Hong Kong Association of Professional Chiropractors
Member of the Chiropractic Doctor’s Association of Hong Kong
Regional representative of the International Chiropractic Association
Registered Chiropractor in both Hong Kong and the US
Member of the British Chiropractic Paediatric Association
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